Today, I fixed a few issues with the site. The button needed to finish user registration is now visible, and I have installed an RSS feeder per request. I was also notified of an issue with the text input fields on the register screen, but I have not been able to reproduce the issue yet. :-P

As some of you may have seen, Thursday afternoon the sun ejected two coronal masses. This caused the Aurora Borealis to become visible further south early Friday night. However, I didn't hear about it until late this afternoon, so I missed the show. :-( I went ahead and checked for aurorae anyway this evening/morning, but I didn't see anything. There was a third CME this afternoon. Unfortunately this CME is unlikely to cause an aurorae shift, because it is headed away from Earth. :-P

In other news....The wedding on Saturday went off with just one hitch. Haha. Everyone began to leave town right after the wedding, and all the guests but one had gone by this morning. I had a wonderful time getting to know Davy's family/friends. I believe that this weekend is the most I have enjoyed myself since the beginning of June. Thanks guys!