I was recently persuaded by a friend of mine: SuperBeck to update my website a little more regularly. Friends who are willing to persuade me to do something useful with my time are amazing! (Crikey and Kirin) :-D Thanks guys.

A quick update for the last week....

I finished my co-op with Noranda Aluminum a week ago Thursday, moved back to Rolla on Friday, and flew to Maine for two weddings on Saturday. It was a busy few days. Did I mention weddings?

Weddings? I love weddings! Drinks all around! - Cpt. Jack Sparrow

Two good friends of mine Joel and Christina Epley nee Bouchard were married on Tuesday. A great time was had by all. I met a few new friends and got to visit with a few old friends. It was amazing.

Tomorrow, Christina's younger sister Anna is getting married! It has been a busy few days what with helping to prepare dinner with SuperBeck last night/yesterday; the bachelor party dinner, the sharing of advice/maladvice, and obligatory groom ponding tonight; and the wedding tomorrow. However despite the amount of work, I have still had time to make a few new friends and renew friendships with old friends. Tomorrow will be busy and people will begin to go their seperate ways. Bittersweet times.



You know you have spent far too long writing a new post when the server logs you out on account of no activity. :-P